The Communication University of China and National University of La Plata jointly decide to launch the Latin American Research Academy on a Community with Shared Future and BRI

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On October 8th, 2021, the Institute for a Community with Shared Future of the Communication University of China (ICSF-CUC) and the International Relations Institute of National University of La Plata (IRI-UNLP) discussed online for cooperation affairs. Professors and staffs from two institutes gathered together online to communicate for promoting the co-establishment of the Latin American Research Academy on Community with Shared Future and BRI, which would become the 8th internationalresearch center after the establishment in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Germany, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Seoul and Inchon of South Korea.

The Online Discussion Held Successfully between Two Universities

Professor Martín López Armengol, the academic vice president of UNLP, delivered his sincere hope towards the future cooperation between the two universities in China and Argentina, which would benefit each other mutually on academic and research communications.

Prof. Martín López Armengol

Professor Li Huailiang, the Dean of the Institute for a Community with Shared Future of Communication University of China, expressed his gratitudes to all the members from UNLP, and then introduced the background as well as determination of the establishment of ICSF at CUC in 2019. At the end of the speech, Professor Liwishedtwo universities to work together closely to promote the communication and intercultural understanding of the notion of a Community with Shared Future for Mankind world-widely and other various of research fields related to Argentina and China.

Prof. Li Huailiang

Prof. Norberto Consani, the Director of International Relations Institute, expressed his happiness of participating into the discussionto see the cooperation between two universities. After giving a brief introduction about the fruitful collaborated research achievements, Prof. Consani stressed that he is looking forward to see more possible cooperation opportunities in the future related to the concept of a Community with Shared Future for Mankind.

During the second part of discussion,Prof. Zhang Yanqiu, the Deputy Dean of ICSF, explained the schedule of signing MOU between CUC and UNLP in detail. Then,Prof. Consani and Prof. Staiano discussed with Zhang in detail about the content of the MOU.

Prof. Zhang Yanqiu discussed MOU signing affairs

with Prof. Norberto Consani and Prof.María Francesca Staiano from UNLP

The online discussionbetween CUC and UNLP then opened the floor for exchanging academic research interests among participants, welcoming everyone to freely give out any thoughts and opinions. Experts and staffs from ICSF-CUC and IRI-UNLP briefly introduced their research fields and outputs, for the sake of laying foundation of feasible research orientations in the near future. Then, Ms. Sun Yuhong made an introduction about Confucius Institutes co-established by CUC with prestigious universities all over the world. Prof. Staiano presented her positive thoughts about possible opportunities for academic cooperation with them. Through the discussion between ICSF-CUC and IRI-UNLP, two sides have reached an agreement of the content of the MOU, and will co-launch the Latin American Research Academy on a Community with Shared Future and BRI soon afterwards.