Webinar "Peace and Development: Why Diversity matters"

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Diversity has become a central issue in most societies around the world. Building inclusive societies where everyone counts and feels recognized with no discrimination is indispensable for peace and development. The webinar, organized by Connecters for Peace on the occasion of World Day for cultural diversity will be an opportunity for representatives of UNESCO, Government, University, NGO and private sector to explain Why Diversity Matters and how they contribute from their own perspective to SDG 16 to promote inclusive and peaceful societies. Participants from around the world are invited to engage with the panelists and share their own views and experience. 


16:00-17:30(Beijing Time) 21st May, 2021

Object :

Peace and Development: Why Diversity matters


- Introduction of the Webinar

- UNESCO representative Tiendrebeogo will give the opening remarks 

- Each speaker will give keynote speech and make an initial statement stressing the importance of Diversity from their own stand point , why Diversity matters and how they contribute

- interactive discussion 

- Q and A with the audience

- Concluding remarks  

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