Wen, Chunying

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Professor Wen Chunying

Deputy Dean of the Institute for a Community with a Shared Future (ICSF)

Wen Chunying, Professor and doctoral Adviser of Communication University of China, Fulbright Scholar, serving as Deputy Director of Institute for a Community with Shared Future of CUC, Deputy Director of the Asia Media Research Center, Director of Place Communication Research Center of the CUC, and former Deputy Director of International Office of CUC, devotes herself to researches in place branding, national image and media history. 

Chunying has been teaching at the CUC since 1996. In the academic researches, she has published 9 academic works, and has published a total of 31 academic papers (8 academic papers in foreign languages), among which, one academic work in Chinese was translated into Korean and published, and anotherone academic paper was translated into Japanese. She worked as a principal investigator of the Beijing Major Program in Humanities and Social Science: Beijing Image Researches Based on Big Data, the National Radio and Television Administration Social Science Program: Assessing on the Effect of Chinese TV Drama in Asia Market, the Special Program Entrusted by the Publicity Department of the CPC: The Evaluation of the Karkha Mongolian Translation and Dubbing of the Chinese Film and Television Programs in Mongolia, and other academic programs. She also took charge of 20 research projects such as the Consulting the Communication Strategy of Seoul City in Chinese Market, the Public Opinion Monitoring for SK’s Brand Management in China. She was the winner of the 3rd International Place Branding Association Annual Conference Best Paper Award in 2018, and was approved as a senior visiting scholar in Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program in 2014, and was awarded the first prize of the 10th Research Achievements Award of the CUC in 2012.