Li, Huailiang

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Professor Li Huailiang

Dean of the Institute for a Community with Shared Future (ICSF)

Li Huailiang is our distinguished professor in International Cultural Trade and the Dean of the Institute for a Community with Shared Future (ICSF) at Communication University of China (CUC), Beijing, China. He is the director of National Theoretical Research Base for Foreign Cultural Trade and the Vice Chairman of China Society of Media Economics and Management.  He  was  a  senior  visiting  scholar  at  the George Washington University, USA and a part-time Ph.D. Supervisor of Queensland University of Technology, Australia. He won his Ph.D. Degree at Renmin University of China and is dedicated his research focus to the field of international cultural trade and “community with shared future for mankind”.

Professor Li Huailiang has published above 90 fundamental and significant research articles on  culture, international cultural trade and cultural industry in Chinese core newspapers. Majority of those publications were quoted by nationally well-known news agents, such as Xinhua Digest. He has written and published many books, including “Contemporary International Cultural Trade and Competition”, “International Cultural Trade Theory”, “International Cultural Market Research”, “Cultural  Marketing”, “Report on International Cultural Markets”,“Research on the policy system of implementing the Cultural Going out Project”, and so on.

He also directs and holds around 29 core regional and national research programs for social science on international cultural trade and management of cultural industry, including “Research on the Going-out Strategy of Chinese Cultural Industry”. His research on the “Chinese Cultural Going-out” has caught great interests and attentions from governmental bodies and ministries, which leads to his years of experience being a government councilor on cultural strategies and is highly  regarded by government officials and research teams of various educational organizations. He has been invited to attend high-quality conferences and interviewed by news media. He has directly promoted the discipline.