New International PhD Program Launched by CUC

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CUC ICSF International Doctoral  Program in Global Communication and Governance is OFFICIALLY STARTING ADMISSION!

Program Introduction:

The Ph.D. Program in Communication University of China has a strong cognitive science and research focus for students working in English. The program draws upon the expertise of distinguished faculty members, who have published substantially and undertaken national research projects in the field of Global Communication and Governance. Ph.D. candidates do not follow a prescribed course of study but carry out their own research project under the guidance of personal supervisors. In addition to meetings with supervisors, you will have access to a range of academic activities such as seminars, workshops, conferences, field trips to support and develop your writing and research skills. We will also encourage you to develop your critical thinking, problem solving and presentation skills.

This program (referred as IDGCG) is designed to meet the needs of the fast-growing and dynamic communication and governance systems. The program will concomitantly contribute towards research and enhance the skills of the graduates for enhanced productivity. Central to the IDGCG are both multidisciplinary approaches and authentic international visions. Graduates will be equipped with philosophical, theoretical and hands-on expertise required in Global Communication and Governance to meet the challenges in the global communication industry and international information flows, and to enhance international socio-economic progress in line with the global, regional and national communication trends.

Prospective students are expected to join the program research teams led by competent professors in 4 thematic research areas: global communication theories, international culture market, constructive communication, public diplomacy, global internet governance. Students will be awarded Ph.D. of Communication (in Global Communication and Governance) upon successful completion of the program.

This is a full-time degree program whose mode of delivery will be face-to-face through Class Lectures, Discussions, Presentations & Case Studies, Simulations, and industrial visits.

Program Design:

This is a full-time degree program. The teaching methods include classroom teaching, discussion, demonstration and case study, simulation, industry investigation, etc.

The program curriculum fosters the teaching of multidisciplinary theory and practice in global communication and governance research, social science research methods, Chinese language and culture, essay writing, and other general skills related to doctoral research.

From the conceptual design of research concept, data collection and analysis, to the final stage of thesis defense, the teaching and assessment construction of this discipline aims to train students with the required professional scientific research theoretical basis and research ability.

Application Information:

Ph.D, International Students
Global Communication
and Governance
From March 1st to May 30th,2020
Websites: or

*Please find the registration guideline for CUC official application website at:

*Please register and fill out all information required at CUC official application website. 

*Please upload all required documents as requested by admission criteria.

Downloadable Materials For Applicants:

International students who apply for and register on the CUC official application website during the assigned date must thoroughly study the handout below and submit required accordingly.

Admission Guide I: 

University Level Program Handouts for Prospective 

Students 2020

->Download PDF File Name: 

Study at CUC (2020)

->Download at:

Admission Guide II: 

Institute Level Program Handouts for ProspectiveStudents 2020

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International Doctoral Program in Global Communication and Governance 2020

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Scholarship Application:

1) Chinese Government Scholarship:

Please refer to the website of the China Scholarship Council for detailed introductions, registration, qualifications of applicants and application procedures.


2) CUC Scholarship for International Students:

Please refer to the Chinese Government Scholarship Programs of CUC from the International Office Website for detailed informations.


Contact Information:

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For Registration Inquiries:

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