The ICSF Official Orientation Meeting for Ph.D. students Held Online

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On September19th 2020, the official orientation meeting was held via Zoom online to welcome the first group of international Ph.D. students for the Global Communication and Governance(GCG) program of the Institute for a Community with Shared Future (ICSF). The Dean of the Institute, Prof. Li Huailiang, the Deputy Dean of the Institute, Prof. Zhang Yanqiu, Prof. Wang Sixin and Prof. Ji Deqiang attended the orientation meeting, which was chaired by Li Han, the coordinator of the Ph.D. Program.

Pic 1.  Orientation Meeting Held Online

At the beginning, the Dean of ICSF, Li Huailiang addressed a welcoming speech to Ph.D. students from Germany, Kenya and Tanzania. He introduced the Communication University of China, as well as the Institute for a Community with Shared Future. Then he sent his best wishes to all the international Ph.D. students.

Pic 2.  Welcoming Speech from Prof. Li Huailiang and Prof. Zhang Yanqiu

Prof. Zhang Yanqiu who is the Ph.D. program director of ICSF, introduced the arrangement and requirement of the program. Then, Prof. Wang Sixin, Prof. Ji Deqiang, Prof. Li Huailang, Prof. Zhang Yanqiu shared their fields of academic study and research interests separately to students. The language and culture teacher Zheng Bowen provided advice to students on language learning.

Afterwards, international students of the ICSF GCG program,Dotto Emmanuel Bulendu from Tanzania, Franziska Maja Scholz from Germany and Amolo Vanessa Atieno from Kenya, introduced themselves and expressed their expectations for the Ph.D. study in China with strong wish for campus life and face to face education at CUC. Except for improving their academic skills, they look forward to broadening their horizons by making more Chinese local friends,touching Chinese culture and getting to know China better.

Pic 3. International Students Communicated with Program Related Questions 

In order to give students a clearer understanding of the upcoming doctoral career in ICSF, Li Han who is the coordinator of the Ph.D. Program introduced in detail and explained a few specific course information, requirements and some notes of the doctoral program, and communicated with all students to answer their program related questions. 

The 2020 orientation meeting for new doctoral students was held online through Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The leading group as well as supervisors of ICSF, and the institute staffs communicated and interacted with international students in English throughout the whole meeting, which demonstrated the inclusiveness and openness of the Institute to international students, and ICSF sincerely welcomes people from countries all over the world to join the doctoral program of ICSF. ICSF will continue to develop and improve the international teaching program and always be open to students, scholars and institutes for more communication and cooperation, which will benefit the construction of a real community with a shared future for mankind. 

Report provided by the ICSF